Reservation Policy
Our reservation policy is simple...

We will try and make every effort to get the item you have reserved delivered to your door by mid October (for Christmas items).

No other items are slated for reservation at this time.

We make NO GUARANTEES WHAT-SO-EVER on reserved items, either expressed or implied. Paid for or not.

Products that we regretfuly cannot reserve, but were paid for will be refunded in the manner you paid. In other words, if you paid by check, we will refund you by check. If you paid by PayPal, we will refund you via PayPal less any PayPal processing fees we were charged, etc etc etc....

ALL reservations are subject to our availability.
ALL reservation sales are FINAL. NO EXCEPTIONS.

In the event that an item is or becomes available to us and you decide to cancel your reservation, we, at our discretion, will apply a 20% administrative charge against your refund in-conjuction with our policy.

It is quite possible that you may save some money on your shipping if you email your order to us. First, please email us for a quote for the items you so desire. This ONLY applies to orders with multiple pieces.

NO reservations are accepted after June 30th for GF Products and September 30th for UPI Products,  for the current Christmas year.
If you reserve an item after these dates, YOU WILL NOT recieve it for this Christmas season,
regardless of what our shopping cart allows.

Many items are available, even though restrictions may be listed, please contact us to see if a particular item is in stock.

If you have any questions regarding our policy, Email us before you reserve an item.

Our Reservation Policy is subject to change without notice.
We DO NOT ship outside of the U S Mainland. Additional shipping charges may apply.
Thank you for your understanding.