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Product Number / Desc: CPS360 Nittany Lion
Available in 24 and 36 inch sizes. Bronze, Granite and Sandstone Look Finishes.
Preserve that school spirit with a replica of the Pennsylvania State University mascot, this Nittany Lion is Collegiate approved. The Penn State Nittany Lion Statue makes a great Gift! 
PSU Nittany Lion Statue.
The Nittany Lion Shrine

Originally sculpted by Heinz Warneke in 1942 and presented to Penn State University by the Class of 1940, the Nittany Lion Shrine was the concept of Harrison D. "Joe" Mason.

The popular Nittany Lion Shrine, located at the University Park Campus, has been faithfully recreated in a durable vinyl compound for years of maintenance-free enjoyment! Available in two sizes: 24" and 36" and three colors: Bronze, Granite and Sandstone look finishes.
Space Age Plastics Inc.
As you know... every product in our complete line stands for fine design, quality, and craftsmanship. The perfect gift for alumni. Pennsylvania State Nittany Lion Statue. 

36" Stats:*:
 38" long x 16" high x 12" wide.
 16 lbs.
24" Stats:*:
 27" long x 12" high x 10" wide.
 10 lbs.
*approximate sizes and weights.
Subject of availability...
We do not ship off-shore at this time.
Officially Licensed Nittany Lions. Available in Granite, Bronze and Sandstone Finish Looks. A Unique, One of A Kind Item!
As with all orders, please include your phone number in the Note Field upon checkout..... thanks in advance.
See the original Nittany Lion Shrine HERE for comparison of our Licensed replica. 

Nittany Lion Mascot Tidbits:
The Nittany Lion as Penn State's mascot originated with Harrison D. "Joe" Mason 1907. At a baseball game against Princeton in 1904, Mason and other members of Penn State's team were shown a statue of Princeton's famous Bengal tiger as an indication of the merciless treatment they could expect to encounter on the field. Since Penn State lacked a mascot, Mason replied with an instant fabrication of the Nittany Lion, "fiercest beast of them all," who could overcome even the tiger. Penn State went on to defeat Princeton that day. Over the next few years, Mason's "Nittany Lion" won such widespread support among students, alumni, and fans that there was never any official vote on its adoption. Nittany Lion, Shrine Penn State University, pennsylvania state university, penn state alumni, nittany mountain, happy valley, big blue.
The Nittany Lion is essentially an ordinary mountain lion (also known as a cougar, puma, or panther), a creature that roamed central Pennsylvania until the 1880s (although unconfirmed sightings continued long after that time). By attaching the prefix "Nittany" to this beast, Mason gave Penn State a unique symbol that no other college or university could claim.
Bronze Look
Nittany Vision Courtesy of
R S Internet Services
Officially Licensed Nittany Lion Products
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